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Payroll Processing Services

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Payroll Processing 

Payroll Processing is more than just paying your employees for the work they have completed. Our payroll service includes compliance such as record keeping, federal payroll taxes, state payroll taxes, payroll schedule, direct deposit and so much more.

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Payroll Processing Compliance

Government requirements for compliance for payroll, payroll taxes, and payroll processing records continue to change year after year. One specific thing the IRS is requiring e-filing a requirement for almost all businesses. The complication quantifies when multiple agencies have different systems for things like tax filing, payroll taxes, and withholding’s. We found that most small business spend countless hours managing payroll compliance. This time and energy can cause stress and anxiety. You need a payroll service that can automate payroll processing and tax compliance. We can help!

1 of 16 Compliance issue we solve : Wage & Tax Information

Federal Personal Income Tax

In order to set up your payroll for your W-2 employees, you will need your employees to fill out a W-4 form for the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of this form is to document and begin to withhold accurate federal income tax.

State Personal Income Tax

State Income taxes are a bit complicated. Each state has separate laws regarding income tax. The rates start at 0% and can go as high as 13.3%. Each state has its own forms (for more information on payroll taxes click here).

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