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Certificates of Insurance


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Initial Request

  • Create an email to:

  • Allow 48 Hours to process this request. Once complete, you will receive confirmation with a provided password. Be sure to save this password so that way it is not lost.

Once Setup is Complete

  • Visit the following website to begin processing certificates: NowCerts Login

  • Enter the email address requested at Initial Request and password provided in confirmation email

    • If password is lost you can request that it be e-mailed to you after supplying the appropriate email address.

  • Insert Proper Certificate Holder Information (Name and Address)

  • Click Continue

  • Completed Certificate will populate automatically.

Four Reasons Why Certificates of Insurance Are Essential

For projects big and small, liability concerns must be mitigated. Otherwise, project owners, managers, and lenders remain vulnerable to inadequate loss transfer—suffering blows to their reputations every time they are found liable for an accident or oversight. Projects of a substantial size, such as hotel construction, include countless third parties to keep track of, including investors, general contractors, subcontractors, and even passersby.

All parties working on a project should have an insurance policy of some kind, but reviewing every letter of each policy would be a full-time job in itself. Plus, doing so leaves ample opportunity for missing essential details.

Your best chance at successfully mitigating risk and reducing liabilities is to carefully document, track, and manage valid certificates of insurance from third parties.

Working Together on Project

What is a Waiver of Subrogation (WOS)?

By Definition: Subrogation is a legal principle in which a person who has paid another expenses or debt assumes the others rights to recover from the person responsible for the expenses or debt. For example, if someone hits your car in a parking lot and causes significant damage, your insurance company will pay you for the damage (assuming you bought collision insurance,) then recover the amount of its payment (subrogate) from the other driver (or, more commonly, from the driver’s insurance company.) Subrogation holds ultimately responsible the person who should pay for the damage. Workers’ compensation policies require an endorsement whenever a waiver of subrogation is desired. This endorsement may apply on a blanket basis to all parties with whom the insured has written contracts requiring waivers. Alternatively, it can apply only to the party listed on its schedule. The insurance company may charge up to two percent of the policy premium for blanket coverage or two to five percent of the project’s premium for individual coverage.

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