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Workers Comp

Choosing the right workers comp policy can give you predictable cash flow.

Most states require businesses to have workers compensation insurance. In the state of Florida, work comp rates are set by the state so the differences from one agency to the next rely in the services they can provide to help you manage your policy. Our twenty plus years of experience has given us the necessary tools to take most of the burden off your shoulders. Using our PAY-AS-YOU-GO payment plan eliminates the need for costly down payments and increases your month to month cash flow, so you can use that money to grow your business. We also assist with inspections, audits, class code verifications and many more areas you may not be familiar with, but need expert advice and assistance with. 

Understanding PAY-AS-YOU-GO

Tired of large down payments and installments based on estimated payrolls that are out of line with your actual payroll figures? Our payroll system takes the guess work out of figuring your workers comp premium. Only your actual workers compensation premium that is based on the current payroll is deducted on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our program only requires a $160 down payment and has no surprising audits at the end of the year.

Multiple Carriers & Plan Arrangements

We have access to many A-Rated carriers offering all types of plans. Whether it’s a guaranteed cost, a retro program, dividends or deductibles, we have the specific plans to meet your needs.

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Risk Management

Drug-Free Workplace Programs
Workplace Safety Programs
Return to Work Programs


Claims Analysis

Trying to control your claims experience can leave you feeling powerless. We can help! Our tools and resources help us respond to, track, and manage losses as they occur. We can also analyze your aggregate loss history to determine where significant losses are occurring and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Premium Audits

Our payroll service can provide you with all the necessary paperwork to complete your premium audit. In fact, with most carriers, the premium audit is done in our office. After the audit is completed we will review the audit with you and verify all exposures for accuracy.


Are you 100% certain that your experience modification factor is correct? Has your agent ever showed you how much each individual claim is affecting your experience mod? We have the expertise to verify the accuracy of your experience mod. In addition, we will pinpoint how much each individual claim is costing you and provide you solutions for reducing them.

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