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Powerful Scheduling & Attendance Software 

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Time and Attendance

A major complaint often heard from small business owners is the time spent on scheduling and monitoring attendance. When you manually look at the scheduled adherence (compare schedules vs. time worked) you can see an opportunity to increase revenue while reducing costs. The time it takes to monitor and track attendance is time wasted especially when there is a software solution that will manage this for you in no time.

Our payroll service will reduce the time spent on scheduling and tracking attendance. iBusinessSolutions offers easy to use functions for employee scheduling, attendance monitoring, and schedule adherence.

  • Compare Schedule vs. Actual Time

  • Quickly See Late or Leaving Late

  • Immediate Access to Missed Shifts

  • Set Alerts for Late, Early, Ect.

  • Set Attendance Rules

  • Assign Multiple Shifts

  • View by hours, Days, or Months

  • Quickly Schedule Holidays

  • Easily Transfer Shifts for Employees

  • Click and Drag Options

  • Update and Export Reports

  • Multiple Customized Reports Available

Friendly Business Team

Transform the way you collect, manage and process your employee time.

Our time and attendance payroll service is a complete time & attendance system that can be used all on its own or as part of a complete human capital management solution, with human resources, payroll, and benefits enrollment. Our software replaces tedious time-tracking procedures and completely eliminates manual collection of the information needed for payroll.

iBusinessSolutions Payroll Processing

It connects various methods of time collection such as physical time clocks, the mobile payroll app, or even self-service, providing maximum flexibility no matter where your employees are located or how they work. Our payroll service was born in the cloud, and engineered for the small-to-mid-sized employer. It offers simple, intelligent navigation, robust reporting and powerful configuration options.

Our software service can be extended to include scheduling as well. With the Scheduling and Attendance module, this service allows employers to build schedules, monitor attendance and be alerted to exceptions.


Time & Attendance

Accurately track, manage and process time and attendance for your entire workforce, even if you have remote employees, multiple locations or mobile employees. With our HCM software, you can choose the data collection that works best for your business – online, with a time clock or with the mobile app.

  • Shift differentials

  • Self-service punching

  • Labor allocations

  • Crossing midnight boundaries

  • Rules-driven pay policies

  • NXG clocks with an optional biometric scanner

  • Overtime and premiums

  • Flexible time rounding rules

  • Meal and break tracking

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Find out why iBusinessSolutions is #1 in Sarasota for Payroll, Human Capital Management, Timekeeping, Workers Comp, and Health Insurance.

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