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Payroll Services for ANY Device: PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.
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Online Payroll Services

Online Payroll Services: Simplify Your Business

You do not need an accounting expert to manage your payroll services needs. We offer simplified online payroll services that will provide you with all the functionality of a robust payroll software solution, however, our solution is a lot more affordable. With our payroll processing platform, you have an all inclusive, one-stop online (cloud-based) solution.

You are devoted to your craft. Anything that takes away from your core business responsibilities can take money from your pocket. In today’s economy, you need a flexible online accounting software. Check out the benefits our Payroll Software has to offer:

  • Single Sign-On Functionality
  • SaaS platform: Access From Anywhere
  • Cutting Edge Security



    Easy to use services
    producing productive and profitable organizations.

    iBusinessSolutions suite of managed and self managed services are a comprehensive solution for the small to medium size business. Our product is so robust and scalable, we provide the state and federal compliance requirements requirements while exceeding the needs of our customers.

    iBusinessSolutions provides diversity with a group of products to manage every step of your human capital management process. Our all-in-one product is economical enough for companies with one to two employees, all the way up to global corporations.

    Enjoy your own team of expert payroll and HCM specialists who are familiar with your complex business. Face the future with confidence!

     Payroll Services Benefits

    Benefits Of A SaaS Solution

    SaaS technology stays current
    Integrate HR duties into one system
    Build reports that assist with critical decisions
    Our payroll service changes with your needs; never change systems again
    Non-interruptive upgrades
    Facilitates compliance

    Single Database For Payroll, HR, Time And Benefits Administration

    Single data entry point
    Increases data accuracy
    Simplify operation
    No more running imports or exports
    Increases organizational productivity

    Ease Of Use

    Single login
    Manager self-service
    Executive dashboard
    New hire wizard
    Employee self-service
    Report writer
    Employee data is supplied to all functions

    Payroll Service Software
    One amazing solution.

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    Payroll Compliance Service

    It’s incredibly difficult to navigate today’s compliance maze, remain compliant and avoid costly penalties. With iBusinessSolutions, you can easily build the reports you need to make critical decisions, identify trends, recognize trouble spots and gather employee data needed to analyze your company’s compliance.

    With our payroll service data management and reports, you can easily solve:

    • Full-time employee status
    • The 90-day waiting period
    • Affordability
    • Handle controlled groups with multiple FEINs

    All of your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data in one place.

    Payroll Compliance

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