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Payroll Services: Compliance Updates For 2017

Payroll Services: Compliance Updates for 2017

STATE UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES UNCHANGED FOR 2017 ICYMI: Florida Department of Revenue issued the 2017 reemployment tax rate notice to Florida employers during the month of December. It is important that employers are cognizant of the Florida reemployment tax rates that are in effect. The minimum rate will remain at $7.00 per employee per year (no change from last year). It is equally important to note that employers are only required to pay this tax up to the first $7,000 of…



REMINDER:  UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES DUE BY OCTOBER 31ST The Florida unemployment compensation tax (now called “reemployment tax”) for the third quarter of 2014 (for payroll paid during the months of July, August and September) is due to the state of Florida by October 31st, along with the Employer’s Quarterly Report (RT-6).  All Florida businesses with employees are responsible for paying this tax (with very limited exceptions). The Employer’s Quarterly Report used to be called the UCT-6 but is now known as…

Payroll Tax Problems: What Small Business Owners Should Know

Payroll tax issues can cause you to lose your business and depending on how your business is set up, you can lose your personal assets too. The IRS is focusing on increased tax compliance efforts on small business across the nation. The best measure to combat the possibility of a business payroll tax issue is prevention. iBusinessSolutions payroll services include payroll taxes, payroll laws, employee deductions and so much more. Click here for a free consolutation on our full line of payroll services.…

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