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Through our exclusive pay-card partner SOLE® Financial we offer SOLE Visa® Payroll cards for un-banked employees at no cost to your business. Did you know the average un-banked employee spends $628 annually just to access their pay and pay their bills?

Free your employees from the expensive shackles of a paper check with payroll cards.


 Robust Support

Dedicated program success managers walk clients through the implementation process, send steady supplies of marketing collateral and instant issue cards, and provide ongoing support.

Cost & Time Savings

There is no cost to employers to implement or maintain paycards. Most save $3.15 per paper check conversion, and switching to direct deposit eliminates priceless time spent on check printing, processing, tracking and delivery. See how much your business could save.

Secure Processing

SOLE is powered by FIS, the world’s largest banking and payments technology provider, which processes over 27 billion transactions per year for over 14,000 financial institutions.


No Cost Purchases & Cashback

There is no charge for swiping the card as credit or debit at point-of-sale transactions, and there is no cost for cashback at grocery stores and other retailers when cardholders swipe their card as debit.

It’s Their Card

Each cardholder can order one customized ePix card at no cost, and can use the card’s routing and account number to add additional direct deposits, like tax returns or a second job.

It’s Their Card

Live bilingual customer support in English and Spanish monitored by a dedicated QA team ensures helpful, educational and consistent service.

Paycard Testimonial Video

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