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Team iBiz Christmas Party 2016

What a terrific evening we had all together to kick off the holidays! Huge thanks goes out to the whole team at Innovative Dinning for an incredible evening. Special shout-out to head chef, Jeremy Hammond-Chambers for knocking it out of the park with his incredible line-up of decadent delicacies and libations, not to mention the incredible crab and lobster spring roll cooking class we all took part in! There were games, prizes, a lively game of Jelly Bean Roulette and countless bouts of laughter throughout the evening.

Team iBiz Gets Its Twerk On…?

In effort to keep the “team bonding” momentum going, owners Jamie and David passed out an ice breaker game that required multiple team members’ participation in order to complete each of the required fields. Some questions were as tame as “Co-worker’s Favorite Sport” while others were a bit more interactive, like “Co-worker must twerk for 8 seconds”.  Thankfully, I did not have the honor of performing the latter of the aforementioned tasks for my teammates, so we all still had a merry Christmas! 😉

IBiz Christmas Party 2016

Katy Shores is a fourth generation Manatee County native with a Bachelor’s Degree from The Florida State University. She is licensed in Health and Life Insurance (2-15) and comes with more than 15 years of combined corporate retail and customer service experience.

Her top priority at iBusinessSolutions is to help local businesses achieve their financial goals and promote a higher level productivity and profitability. In offering more streamlined and cost effective processes for payroll, human capital management, workers’ compensation, human resources, and health benefits, her skill set has come full circle in delivering client satisfaction and fostering relationships in the local community.

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