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Online Payroll Service

Our cloud based online payroll service can process payroll simply, manage your benefits, stay fully compliant with labor laws, and more. Our payroll service is the only Human Resource Management Software you will ever need.

What is the best online payroll service?

We have compared all online payroll software. From companies such as ADP or Paychex, Intuit Payroll, and many more. iBusinessSolutions provide you with an accounting tool that provides all your human resource management, payroll processing and benefits managements in one cloud-cloud based software.

Online payroll services for small business

Two important factors to consider for a payroll solutions for small business. First thing to consider is the price. iSolved is competitively priced to offer a payroll software solution for any sized business.

The second thing to consider is ease of use. Payroll technology should make payroll processing easy. With iSolved payroll solution, you can access the software anywhere because it is a cloud-based technology.

Online Payroll Solutions

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    Online Payroll Services and Benefits

    Safety & Storage

    With this system, you can access your pay at anytime and anywhere. It is usually safely stored in the cloud with limited and secure access.

    Efficiency & Cost

    This tool allows one to process the payroll in the shortest time possible. Direct deposits and pay cards are available for your employees reducing the delays. The employees can access their accounts anytime 24/7


    Our payroll service makes business easier and faster. Automation is the new language of operations. Automated transactions are quicker and easier.

    Payroll Tax Filing

    Our Payroll Management does the payroll filing. Once the employee details are filled, the system automatically calculates the required amount. Entering the details happens once and does not require repetitive filing like in the case of standard forms. Multi-state or multi-location tax filing.

    Employee Self Service

    With the tool, Employees can now access their payroll information at any time online. This flexibility affords them to make address changes, filing status and much more.

    IRS compliance

    It is easy to meet state requirements with this new product. You do not have to worry about your numbers and your compliance status. It automatically calculates and produces IRS 1094 and 1095 forms to ensure your compliance with ACA when you have reached the 50 or more employees requirement.

    Payroll Security

    This product has certified data centers based on the cloud. The security for this is top notch, and accessibility of the encrypted files is strictly to the allowed users.

    Affordable Care Act

    Our payroll service takes care of the reporting requirements demanded by ACA. This tool ensures that your compliance gets updated on a daily basis. You will get covered from the day of installation.

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