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Escape Room: Cabin In The Woods

Escape Room: Cabin in the Woods

The Latest in iBiz Team Building

Team building is not limited to “trust falls” and ropes courses anymore – or at least not at iBiz! So what is the latest and greatest in team development for us? Well, we thought we would get ourselves stranded all together in a Cabin in the Woods… at Escape Room Sarasota, that is!

 Escape Room Run-down

Cabin in the Woods

Our leadership team had been hearing rave reviews from friends and family about local “escape” rooms (also affectionately known as “panic” rooms – charming, right?) where a group of people enter a locked room and are given clues and coded puzzles to solve, utilizing the talents and abilities of each team member to escape before the allotted time runs out. The experience was a fun and effective way to improve communication and collaboration across all teams while connecting with each other on a more personal level outside of the office.

Thinking Outside the Box

We are firm believers that thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo are imperative to being innovative leaders in our industry, but it is equally essential in engaging our employees and working together as a team. It also comes in handy when your team has only 60 minutes to escape the captivity of a deranged rain forest tour guide. Thanks to the creativity and critical thinking displayed by each of our teammates, we were able to escape with 12 minutes to spare and are forever cured of any desire to take a rain forest tour!

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