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Texting and Driving

Its amazing that the technology we’ve created to make our lives better and more efficient is also the cause of one of the greatest epidemics facing America today. Everyone watching me right now either knows someone or is someone who cant resist the phenomenon known as texting while driving.

When your Traveling at 55 miles per hour and you answer a text your car has traveled about the length of a football field. Imagine closing your eyes and driving blind for a full 5 seconds while you are moving at a high rate of speed. No one in their right mind would consider that. Except maybe Al Pachino in the movie Scent of a woman.

The facts state that 1 out of every 3 drivers text behind the wheel. This has to stop and stop soon.  I challenge you to log onto right now and make your pledge to stop this madness. And keep the phone where you cant touch it.  The life you save, could be mine.

Just like a driver has to focus on the road ahead of them. Successful small business owners must focus on the big areas of their business that make it grow. Managing payroll is definitely on that list. Did you know that Outsourcing payroll services is typically a more cost effective way to manage those needs. Everyone agrees that looking at your cell phone while driving, puts you and others in danger. But, did you ever think that taking your eyes off of the top priorities of your company can put IT in danger too?

Remember iBusinessolutions, your one stop shop for local payroll work comp and employee benefits. We’re your friends, we’re local, we’re in Lakewood Ranch. Please visit us at See you next time.

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