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Coming In HOT!

Coming in HOT!

iBiz Chili Cook-off

The weather has finally started to cool down, so we at iBiz decided to turn up the heat by entering the GCBX Annual Chili Cook-off! Last time, we came to the table with a Texas-style Chili and some killer homemade jalapeño cornbread, so we had our work cut out for us in topping that performance. We took an unconventional approach to our chili entry on a couple of levels.

Sarasota Payroll Team Delivered The Goods

First, since our amazing Payroll team would be answering the calls of our valued clients during the main event, we held our very own iBiz Chili Cook-off the week beforehand so that everyone in the office could join in on the fun! There were all kinds of entries ranging from your favorite Traditional chilies to a Buffalo Chicken Chili and even a Whiskey Peach Chili!

GCBX Chili Cook-off BoothsK&P Benefits Decided the Chili Cook-off Winner

It was a tough call, but our guest judges from K&P Benefits selected a savory traditional version with a kick from payroll specialist Amy Lowe’s kitchen! She was a trooper, making 2 large crock pots full for the main event at Conley Buick on November 4th. To take it one step further, we introduced our fellow GCBXers to the wonderful world of “Frito® Pies” combining Amy’s delicious chili with the addictive crunch of Fritos® Corn Chips. Although we did not win the prize, we had double the fun: in the office like a family, and out in our community with friends old and new, all while tasting the best chili in town.

Sincerest thanks to our friends at GCBX and Conley Buick for making it all possible!

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