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iBusinessSolutions Staff

About TeamiBiz: The iBiz Story

iBusinessSolutions was founded by David Yohn and Jamie Dunnam to give Business Owners a fresh and new way of doing business with their insurance agents. We feel that the days of “quick sales” and misinformed agents will no longer be tolerated by the more savvy Business Owner today. We have developed a unique system to dig deep and broad into the needs of our clients in order to uncover exposed risks and lost profits. Our proven system has been tried and tested time and time again. “What do we do differently?”

From the initial quote to the enrollment, to the ongoing personal touches you receive, we focus on providing a level of service unparalleled in our industry. It is the goal of our agency to ensure that all of our clients, whether individuals or businesses, fully understand their insurance and benefits options, while they are utilizing a plan that matches their specific needs.

iBusinessSolutions provides insurance and consultative guidance to all types of Businesses. Our goal is to identify and evaluate the proper levels of insurance coverage that will protect your company’s bottom line. These services, coupled with the implementation of proper program monitoring of insurer performance, separate us from our competition. We do so much more than just quote business.

What are Core Values?

Individuals and companies alike, function through a set of internal Core Values. In business, how a company operates both internally and externally is reflection of its Core Values. Trust and Respect are at the core of any successful business relationship, especially when it comes to selecting a firm to manage your Payroll Services, Workers’ Compensation and/or Benefits. That’s why you need to know who we are and what Core Values drive us as a company.


This is a driving value in our company, and two-fold.

Part A. Employee Communication: Open Lines

As we increase the level of communication internally, iBiz employees are

feel more valued, more empowered, and more motivated.

We are truly a team.

We are committed to communicating and sharing information with each other

as we embrace common goals of excellent client service.

Part B. Client Communication: Internal Drives the External

Great internal employee communication enhances our client service because,

as our departments are effectively communicating with each other, we are

equipped and committed to keeping our clients informed to the level they

demand and deserve.

Excellent internal communication drives excellent external communication.

Core Value #2: Simplicity

Effective Communication makes the complex, Simple to understand, not only for ourselves, but also for our clients.

As a small business providing more than just Payroll Services, we at iBiz work in an additionally complex industry with many moving parts. Our success is measured by how effectively we are able to take the complexity of our industry and transform it into the understandable Simplicity required to establish a strong bond of trust with our clients; as opposed to further complicating an already intricate process, which many of our competitors actually aim to capitalize on.

Core Value #3: Community

We live, work and play in the beautiful Gulf Coast region of Florida, and we are blessed to be a successful business. It is our heart and total commitment to invest back into our people and our community: financially, educationally, and through investments of our time and resources. At iBusinessSolutions, we appreciate and embrace the responsibility we have to make a positive impact in our community.

Core Value #4: Compassion

This is “The Core Value of all of our Core Values.”

We believe in compassion for each other, our clients, and all those who

are going through trials in their lives. iBusinessSolutions exists by the grace of God. And we understand that the same compassion and grace He has shown us should be passed on to all of those around us.

Core Values: Words versus Actions

Finally, it is important for you to know that at iBusinessSolutions, our Core Values are not just what we say they are, but rather, how well we fulfill them to our families, to our employees, to our clients, and to our community.

We welcome the opportunity and

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